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Houses and Apartments to  rent for your travel in the Art

To choose flats and houses in historical suburbs, places of the world where living for short or long periods of time, taking care of the history which surrounds them: this is our mission.

Places where art is represented both from the architectural element and the interior design, characterized by love for the research and the territory where, through tradition, history and gastronomy, we will be glad to lead you.

Art will be the leitmotiv of your stay in the ARTFLATS, enriched by small and great emotions, rising from our work or the place that we have chosen for you.

They might not be always famous destinations, but they are certainly rich of culture, signs, features of the society, influences of the present and certainties of the past that will exalt the taste of your travelling and your staying.

Our interiors have the function of holding and exalting antiques, art and design, either local or exotic.              

The Italian taste will be the joining element between the external environment and the interiors of our ARTFLATS.

Since 2004 we have bee mixing art and culture of travelling with products and activities  for the innovation and development of the territory.


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64 | berlin

In the heart of the old West Berlin, near the Charlottenburg Castle, near the beautiful city park of Lietzenseeartflat_64.html
16 | berlin

A few steps from the deck of monumental Oberbaum Brucke, in front of the East Side Gallery, the f Wall part left to the memory of humanityartflat_16.html

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10 | marsala

The shade of the courtyard sheltering from the sun echoes the songs of the sailors and the scent of the sea does not late to enter../marsala/artflat_19.html

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27 | berlin

A wonderfully charming luxury mini-suite in the very heart of Berlin, on the bank of the Spree, in a fantastic location. artflat_27.html


Two new artists shown in Artflats

Silvia Lentini - Berlin Artflat 27

Sabrina Casolino - Marsala Artflat 19

Then: Lilanga, Guttuso, Gradellini, Capogrossi, Pugliese, Marco Casolino

Vhose your Artflat as your own Home; ask for our longstaying offers

Internet connection in each apartment